Deepavali 2015

Happy Deepavali !! Hope everyone had a great Diwali with family and friends 🙂

Yet another Diwali away from home :(. But, this week was tending to feel more lonely  than ever – My sis and b-i-l were visiting my parents. On one hand, I was glad that my parents would have someone to celebrate with after years, but also sad that I’m away from all of that ( haven’t had a chance to celebrate with my parents after marriage) in a far off land. Festivals are to be celebrated with family and friends, this year couldn’t invite friends over on diwali day – everyone lives far away 😐

Thanks to Google Hangout, I kept myself connected with them on almost all the days they were at home. I could feel as if I was with them chatting, cracking jokes like old times when we were still kids and at home; the happiness and cheer were just flowing all the way from Visakhapatnam (Vizag) to San Francisco over thousands of miles.

How could I let all that drown because its ust me and hubby at home this time. I decided that we will try to celebrate the way we do in India , atleast part of it and not do everything on the day of Diwali 🙂 I have burnt my fingers trying to do that in past years. We had recently moved to SF and still had some boxes to be unpacked. So, this diwali was cleaning the house,give away stuff that you don’t need to the needy, murukku,kolam and sweets.

Temple celebrations ….1-DSC00541.JPG

Simple Kolam with Rice flour & Velakku in it – My all time favorite :)1-DSC_0267

More Diyas…1-DSC_0248

Thankfully, I started making the sweets a day in advance !!

Deepavali Diwali Sweets - Rava laddoo Murukku Mysore Pak

Lastly, I wore the Kanjivaram podavai Amma (my mom) had been asking me to. Podavai/Sadi/Saree is a traditional Indian attire – so classy, elegant and flowy. How one wears it is an art unto itself. Amma loved it 😀1-sari

Wishing our next Deepavali will be with family!!


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