My Garden – My Haven – II

These darlings😘 are the first thing I behold every morning – even before my tea 😇 ( All hell shall break loose if I can’t have my morning tea👿 ). The beautiful hues in the morning hours bring such immense pleasure and is also the best time to capture them .


Clockwise from left bottom :

Curry Leaf Plant : Yaayyy!!….It’s already got flowers 😍. I’m hopeful of growing new plants from it.

Tomato : You probably can see only one tomato in the pic above. I had to cut it down 😦 , but that’s a story for another post

Marketmore Cucumbers : It’s vining beautifully on the trellis I built. Can you spot the cucumbers on it?

Chilli / Hot Peppers : I guess they are the Thai chilli variety; grew them from kitchen seeds. One plant is kind of hidden behind the capsicum plant on the table, and I have three more – 2 in the blue pots and 1 in the terracota one.

Bomby Capsicum/Bell Peppers : This plant produces small size capsicums ; best for growing in containers. It’s loaded with capsicums currently.

Garlic & Onion : This is an experiment – both growing them and also to cheek if they can ward off insects with their smell and be beneficial to my capsicum. They are in the horizontal planter alongwith the capsicums.

Amaranth & Coriander  in the tub near the railing.

Tulsi / Holy Basil

Methi- Fenugreek in the red tub.

I would love to hear what plants you  grow in your gardens.

Get out , get your hands dirty and let me know how yours turned out !!

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4 thoughts on “My Garden – My Haven – II

  1. Beautiful!! I love how green everything looks. Cool that you’re growing hot peppers – those will be great for seasoning.
    Growing up I always got to eat food straight from the garden because my mom is an avid gardener. She grows tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes, lots of herbs like basil … My favorites are the wild strawberries though!

    Kathrin —

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Kathrin 🙂
      Eating food straight from the garden is the best and it tastes so great. Yes! the hot peppers are great for seasoning and I use it almost every day in my Indian cooking. I am yet to try out fruits – got twin lemon seedlings but it’s going to be years before I see any lemons 😀 . My mom is an avid gardener too! I guess I got my green thumb from her.


  2. Wowww…. It was awesomely beautiful….. 🙂 feeling happy to see such a small and beautiful garden now a days…. really its a heaven being there….

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  3. Wowww…. It was awesomely beautiful…. 🙂 Feeling happy to see such a small and beautiful garden now a days… Really its a heaven being there…


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