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Kitchen Window Shelf – Part I

Ogling at pretty Pinterest/DIY pictures has become a hobby kind of thing lately. And, I have been trying to veer out of it without success πŸ™†πŸ», much to the dismay of hubby dearest β€

Sigh! How I wish I lived in a house of my own! How I wish I could incorporate all those wonderful ideas into making my home, my final one! Living with one leg in the US and one leg in India, my home country has never been easy. You are constantly moving back and forth, state to state within the country etc. Just when you think you are settling down, comes the next move. There’s nothing constant. Like the famous cliche – Change was the only constant πŸ™‚ But, that comes with its own perks too – you get to see places, experience cultures, relish different food and makes you a pro at packing πŸ˜€

I decided that I would treat every apartment we live in like our final home. That way, I at least get to practice different ideas πŸ˜‰ Every apartment has a different setting and so you get to rake your creative side on how and where to fit your previous decor items, as well as what more can you bring to your home.

I believe in decorating my home with things that I make or create. I’m not an avid DIYer or deft with my hands. But, I try.

I was so happy to find an apartment with a kitchen window finally. All those pretty images were swirling in front of me. Enough drooling πŸ™ƒ I had to do something about it.

A window ledge and some pretty potted plants on it

How does that sound ?

I wasn’t blogging for a long time when I started on this small project, so please excuse me for the dearth of pictures. Was busy making it you know πŸ˜›

Things to buy :

  • A wooden board from Home Depot/Lowe’s – measured and cut to required size
  • 4 L brackets and screws
  • Dollar Store
    • Adhesive paper or get creative with paints and stains
    • Pots for plants and,
    • Plants
  • Power drill — Yay!! ( no flexing muscles )

Instructions :

  1. Get the board measured and cut per length & width of your window sill. I had read that the lumber yard at the stores do it for you. But, probably not anymore 😦 You can do it yourself if you have the tools.
  2. Screw in one side of the L brackets to the wooden board. Power drill makes it easy. Two on each end. I screwed on the underside ( that’s how I wanted it). Make sure that the position of the screws is such that they line up within the width of the window sill.
  3. Get creative with painting and staining the wooden board per your liking. Or, simply cover the board with an adhesive paper neatly like I did. This is pretty good as it kind of provides an easy surface to clean and is water resistant.
  4. Remove the window blinds and store them safely. They need to go back up when you move out. Below is the finished ledge. Not a very helpful one.
    Finished ledge
  5. Next, is the fun part – putting up your hard work up to show. Mark the places to screw in the other end of the L brackets on the sides of the window. Make sure the markings are level. Otherwise, you might end up with a sloping ledge, unless that’s what you want.
  6. Put your ledge up and screw them in. I didn’t use screws for this part as it’s a rental apartment. My ledge was pretty flush against the wall. It was holding up good even with weights and no screws ( see pic below ). Ok, one piece of advice before we move further – Do not think they will hold up forever without any screws. You might end up losing something precious that you placed as weights. I know what you are thinking. No, that did not happen with me silly😜. I happen to be good at catching things πŸ˜Ž Or at least, that day πŸ˜‡
    Window Ledge with Pots
  7. Ours was a rental apartment, so I just used tack pins to hold it in place. Did not want to end up with holes in my purse. As planned, I placed some pretty succulents potted in clear glass containers – a steal from Dollar store again. It held on. No issues at all. I tried drawing on one of the pots, never got to the next one 😐


That’s it! It has held on for almost a year with no issues. Easy to clean as well πŸ™‚

Whoever said women aren’t handy πŸ˜›

What do you think?

Will share what I did with it next in another post!


🀠 Nothing’s more satisfying than beaming at your own creation πŸ€ 

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