Partial Solar Eclipse 2017 @ Sunnyvale, CA

We had a partial solar eclipse in Sunnyvale today, I knew the date ahead but did not really think about watching it. Knowing the kid in me, my hubby called and warned me not to look at it directly with my eyes in case I plan to. His actual words were – Do not step out of the house 😀

I was not planning to until that moment, but you see, now I had to 😎.   I tried checking it out using the selfie mode on my smartphone and the best I could come up with was this . See the small reflections ?? and the streak of light from the sun ?


Then, I ditched it and frantically searched instructions for building a pin hole camera. I just had a couple of minutes to build one and so went with the simplest of them. Two papers; one with a hole ( used a dart pin to make one in the center ), the other on the ground and I had it.


It was an exciting experience !! Definitely not my last one. I’ll be better prepared next time 🙂


Did you guys get to watch this grand celestial event in its totality? Please leave me your comments and do share your experiences.

solareclipse2017 #pinholecamera #celestial #event


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