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Kitchen Window Shelf – Part II


This is what I originally had in mind 🙂

Could have done this in my previous apartment too but it meant drilling holes ( a big no no in most rental homes ). Even then, it would have been in one corner of my kitchen, far from the stove top – not a very practical thing. All my decor ideas are limited/revolve around stuff that can be hung using tack pins.

Now the space above the sink – between two cabinets in my current apartment is just perfect for hanging my tea cups. It’s

  1. Near the Stove/Counter – easy to get to when you want to pour a cup,
  2. Above the sink – just wash and hang them up; any extra water will drip into the sink and the sunlight through the window will dry it up.

So, This is what I did :

  • I cut my existing shelf to the required length as this space was smaller. I used drill bits to do the cutting , output wasn’t very smooth. But that would anyways face the cabinets
  • Screwed in some mug hooks taking care to space them properly
  • I made sure they are at an optimum height. Within reach for me & beyond reach for my husband’s head 😇 It’s not my hubby’s head that I’m worried about here 😬
  • I used some Command Strips instead of using tack pins this time. I will not be hanging anything heavy. If you plan to hang heavy coffee mugs, better screw the shelf to the cabinets. I also put a tack pin through the bracket and the strip to just hold them in place
  • I also made a newbie mistake 🙆🏻 I forgot to exclude some space for the command strips while cutting the ledge. But, it worked in my favor as the L brackets on both sides are now flush and tight against the strips and cabinets.
  • I used what I had at hand, but you can get Command Strips for different weight specifications too

Voila! It turned out to be of two fold use.

  • A place to hang my tea cups and,
  • A shelf to display my salt & pepper shaker collection ( which lay hidden for more than a year now ) 😀

To Simple Pleasures ☕

🤠Nothing’s more satisfying than beaming at your own creation🤠

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