Dirt that makes you fall in love !!

It started as a hobby, converted to passion and then obsession! Now, it’s just pure love ❤

Having moved from Chicago, I was excited to grow some plants in sunny California. I grew them once in the Mid-West, but they didn’t survive the winters and I never tried again 😰. I was a little wary as to what to grow in the beginning and just started off with Basil, Methi, Mint and Curry Leaf plant. Realized later that my balcony doesn’t really receive much sun and I should have started off with shade tolerant plants, Duh!🤦🏻‍.  Not all was lost though, I somehow protected them through the cold, shade & moves and still have the Mint and Curry Leaf plant after two years 🤞.

Thanks to Sunny Sunnyvale ! I have successfully grown  tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet and hot peppers in my balcony garden 😃.

Peek away at what I have so far and do not shy leaving me your comments and suggestions.

My Garden – My Haven

My Garden – My Haven – II

Are you a Black Thumb? Grow Fenugreek

What’s Cool this season? Cucumbers of course!

Look who visits everyday !! 

Fall Planting

Chili wali Gali – The Hot Pepper Lane

To-ma-to – Third and a half time lucky !!!

Lauki Sorakkai Opo Squash

Pirandai – My gift to myself this birthday 🙂


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