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Gajar Halwa


What better way to start the food page than with a dessert during a festive month 😉

For the uninitiated, Diwali ( Deepavali ) is an Indian festival when lit earthen lamps adorn houses symbolizing victory over darkness – victory of good over evil, celebrating Rama’s return to Ayodhya after his exile.

But as a kid, Deepavali symbolized the following for me😃:

  • New Clothes
  • Fire Crackers – all of them ( plastic guns, flowerpots, chakras, rockets, 100 & 1000 walas, sparrow bomb, Lakshmi bomb , atom bomb etc )
  • Kolam
  • Food – Murukku, Desserts

This year, I ventured into making Carrot Halwa for the first time, mainly due to hubby dear’s sweet tooth and a new food processor that would do all the grating for me 😉 Also because, I wanted to impress my friends whom I had invited for a Diwali party at home.

This Halwa is mostly carrots, dry fruits ( your pick – I used raisins and cashew nuts ) , ghee ( clarified butter), milk and sugar. And, is pretty easy when prepared using pressure cooker.

The Recipe I Tried

My changes :

  • Added 1 – 1.5 cups of condensed milk after pressure cooking
  • Adjust Sugar per taste
  • Styled it for Diwali using almonds 😉


Gajar-Carrot Halwa Indian Dessert Diwali

It turned out pretty good, not bad for a first timer 😃

Our home was filled with its aroma and warmth, only adding to the love our friends brought 😇


❤ Cooking Is Love Made Edible ❤


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