Earth Day 2018

Another year, another day.. Sigh! When will we realize that every day needs to be our Earth’s day. I say this and yet I write about it only on this day ( hypocrite 😛 ). But I am mindful of what I do , for the most part🙄

There’s a lot of interest in people these days to use recyclable and reusable shopping bags. But, we should also consciously try to use ones that are easily bio degradable.

What about me? Do I use recyclable /reusable ones? Well..not sure if they are recyclable but they have been reusable so far. I didn’t buy them, they were handed to us free for some thing or the other over the years. Here’s one really battered soul still in use :D…5 years and counting.


Thinking about shopping bags floated up some vivid childhood memories 🙂

Manjal Pai – The Cloth Bag

Manjal Pai The Cloth Bag
Manjal Pai – The Cloth Bag

The quintessential groceries bag of the 80s-90s in TamilNadu. A cloth bag dyed in turmeric – what can be more reusable, bio degradable and hygienic than this. You can buy these today, but back then they were given as bags containing return gifts in weddings and other functions. I distinctly remember using it as a kid and the best part – others had the same bag too. No Plastic bags back then. One could neatly fold them into a size that fits in one’s purse/pockets.

Wire Bags


Next came in wire bags, made of plastic or nylon wires – sturdy , reusable and airy. Perfect for vegetables. Many found another skill to add to their list. Women made it a hobby to come up with different shapes and patterns to fit various needs around the house.

Kuchhi Pai – Jute Bags with cane handles


Then came the Mall culture in Vizag ( A mall in South India is basically just one multi level shop which caters to clothing, household and even jewellery needs today ). They would hand out jute bags with their logo on it only if you spent a higher amount and plastic bags for a lower amount. Slowly over the years, the jute bags with cane handles turned into jute bags with plastic handles. Then, jute like plastic bags with plastic handles. Now, it’s just big plastic bags.

Ironically, we all want to move back to Cloth Bags today 😀 – Another Sinusoidal.

Are our current practices hurting Mother Earth? Yes ! 🤫

Is she punishing us for it? Yes ! Please open your eyes to what’s happening around

Is she going to turn mad and kill herself n us ? Yes ! Most Definitely 😰

Is she going to bounce back from Death? Hell Yeah! 😍

Are you? No 😳


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