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Lauki Sorakkai Opo Squash

My plant setup for interested folks :

  • Two pots – one plant each; I have used 2.5G buckets.
  • Organic soil mixed with compost 
  • Choose an appropriate variety. I chose the smaller one as I’m using smaller pots ( “Dhol” variety ) and don’t have an infrastructure to hold heavy veggies
  • Trellis – grabbed it for free from a spring/fall cleaning
  • 4 ft space ( Now that it’s growing, I think at least 5-6ft horizontally and 8ft vertically. If it grows too big, we can contain it by pruning )
  • Plenty Sunlight ( atleast for 5-6 hours )
  • Plenty Water

Will keep updated.


5-Jul-2018 : Seedlings emerged. Not sure when I sowed the seeds.


9-Sep-2018 : First squash harvest

12-Sep-2018 : Tending to think one plant would be enough. They are branching out everywhere.

14-Sep-2018 : Second squash harvested. Have a couple of pollinated flowers on the vines.


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