Emerald Bay @ Lake Tahoe, CA

Lake Tahoe - formed during the Ice Ages is a picturesque little place near San Francisco ( about a 3 hr car ride through hilly terrain ). It will hold your heart with its blue clear waters. It's only next to the Great Lakes in volume and second in depth after Crater Lake. A winter/weekend ski… Continue reading Emerald Bay @ Lake Tahoe, CA

art · diy

Mehandi Time !! Henna Designs :)

My first attempt at henna design on a friend's hand #karwachauth2017 Second attempt the following year (KC 2018) on my own hand and it turned out pretty good I must say !  We had guests the night I had planned to put on mehendi, so started late with the process - only to realize that I… Continue reading Mehandi Time !! Henna Designs 🙂

Drawing · Tradition

Théru Kolam

If you live in, visit or travel through rural or any small town in South India very early in the morning, you are bound to see this - women cleaning the entrances to their homes and drawing white colored patterns. That's Kolam for you. Kolam refers to intricate patterns drawn using rice powder at the… Continue reading Théru Kolam


Deepavali 2015

Happy Deepavali !! Hope everyone had a great Diwali with family and friends 🙂 Yet another Diwali away from home :(. But, this week was tending to feel more lonely  than ever - My sis and b-i-l were visiting my parents. On one hand, I was glad that my parents would have someone to celebrate with after… Continue reading Deepavali 2015